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Construction Careers Academy

HVAC / Plumbing


If you like:
  • working with your hands
  • working outdoors
  • being independent
  • working with tools
...then this program is for you!

Career Opportunities:
 • Plumber
• Pipe Fitter
• Sprinkler Installer
• Plant Maintenance Worker
• Oil Burner and Heating Mechanic
• Supply Salesperson
• Engineering Laboratory Technician
• HVAC Technician

Construction Core Topics of Study:
• Basic Safety
• Basic Rigging
• Introduction to Construction Math
• Introduction to Hand Tools
• Introduction to Power Tools
• Introduction to Blueprints
• Basic Communication Skills
• Basic Employability Skills
• Your Role in the Green Environment
• Green Building Practices


Program Topics of Study:
• Piping and Tubing
• Plumbing Blueprint Reading
• Leak Detection, Evacuation, Recovery,
• Metering Devices
• Cutting, Threading and Joining Components
• Compressors and Heat Pumps
• Installing and Testing DWV Piping Systems
• Air Properties and Distribution
• Renewable Energy Sources: Geothermal
and Solar Heating
• Heating System Design
• Refrigerant Transition and Recovery
• Soldering and Brazing
• Sizing, Installing, Testing Water Systems

Available Academic Credit:
• Career and Financial Management
• Technical Reading & Writing
• Technical Mathematics
• Technical Science

Available Certifications:
• NCCER Construction Core
• OSHA 10 Hour Safety
• NCCER HVAC/Plumbing Level 1
• EPA 608 Certification

About the Program:

Students begin in the Construction Careers Core of Instruction as it relates to their specific program of interest. Students are taught the skills necessary for employment in the areas of plumbing, heating and related climate control systems. Throughout the program, students gain daily practical experience in all aspects of plumbing and heating. Students have the opportunity to receive Refrigeration Certification and are provided with training related to Renewable Energy Sources such as Geothermal and Solar Heating Systems. Students completing the program will take the EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) 608 Certification Exam which is needed to service building air conditioning and refrigeration systems.


Required Supplies: Tool pouch, tools, uniform, safety glasses, leather high-top work boots, six foot folding ruler, New York Plumbing Code book and portfolio binder (approximately $150). Uniform, safety glasses and leather high-top work boots must be worn in the HVAC/Plumbing shops and worksites.