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Related Services

Counseling Services
Krista McAdam, Team Leader
(845) 291-0200 extension 10236
Counseling at the Orange-Ulster BOCES is provided to help and support students with social, developmental and/or emotional needs to function more easily in the educational setting.
Certified School Psychologists, Social Workers and Counselors are trained to work with children and families, presenting a wide variety of needs. Through individual and group therapy, the counselors assist children ranging in age from 5 through 21 in developing coping and social skills necessary to deal with the day-to-day problems, which may interfere with the learning process, as well as developing interactive skills necessary to live productively in the world after school.
Crisis counseling is also available to help the short term needs of the student experiencing unanticipated problems in the daily school schedule.
Speech/Language Services
Suzanne Arrington, Team Leader
(845) 291-0200 extension 10294
The Orange-Ulster BOCES has 38 Speech/Language therapists who serve more than 600 students ranging in age from 5 to 21. Speech and language needs include, but are not limited to, delays in overall speech and language skills, oral-motor difficulties, inability to process auditory information, apraxia, dysarthria, limitations in verbal output consistent with particular medical diagnoses and hearing impairments. 
Alternative augmentative communication (AAC), utilization of computers and a feeding program exist, with opportunities for therapists to expand their knowledge in these areas through inservice programs. Opportunities are also available for students in communication disorders to obtain supervised clinical hours and for supervision of a Clinical Fellowship (CF) for Masters level therapists.
Psychiatric Services
Richard Hahn, MD, Psychiatrist
(845) 291-0200 extension 10254
In order to provide a holistic and comprehensive approach towards evaluation and program development, Dr. Richard Hahn provides psychiatric evaluations for currently enrolled students. This involves a differential diagnosis and programmatic recommendations. In appropriate cases, consultation is involved with parents, treating physicians and/or hospitals, as well as the student's Committee on Special Education.
Consultant services include providing administrators and educators insights and suggestions regarding classroom management of students. Consultation regarding program development is provided to improve the effectiveness of departments and staff in order to meet the needs of an increasingly complex population requiring: day treatment, treatment teams (child study teams), transitional classes that facilitate adjustment for students who have been hospitalized or are out of an educational program or who could potentially benefit from a more intensive level of service than is presently available in current program. 
In addition, provide ongoing in-service training for staff on psychodynamic topics effecting the student population.
Physical Therapy
William Lynch, Team Leader
(845) 291-0200 extension 10217
The Physical Therapy Department provides services to the BOCES students in the Special Education program at the recommendation of the Committees on Special Education. In harmony with the State Education Department philosophy, Physical Therapy goals focus upon improving and enhancing the student's functioning within the educational environment.
Assisting the student to maximize his/her educational potential is accomplished in a variety of settings: the classroom for positioning and participation, the hydrotherapy pool for mobility and sensory stimulation and the clinic for ambulation and mobility. A variety of techniques is employed in therapy, including sensory-motor, sensory-integration, MFR, NDT and neuro-development sequencing, as well as good old-fashioned play.
The department operates in accordance with the guidelines from the APTA for physical therapy in the school setting. All professional members of the Physical Therapy team are accredited by the State Education Department.
Occupational Therapy
Joan Markos, Team leader
(845) 291-0200 extension 10216
Occupational Therapy at the Orange-Ulster BOCES helps students ranging in age from 5 to 21 to develop the underlying skills that are prerequisites for academic learning.
Through developmentally appropriate activities and neurodevelopmental and sensory integration approaches, learning is facilitated in areas which are relevant to educational goals, such as, fine motor, sensory motor, sensory processing, visual motor, daily living skills, prevocational preparation and assistive technology. Occupational Therapy enables the student with special needs to learn to function to his/her maximum level of independence within the educational setting.
Services are provided by Registered Occupational Therapists, licensed by New York State and by Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants registered by New York State.
Health Services
Maureen Kussard, Team Leader
845-291-0200 extension 10956
Confidential Fax: (845) 469-6670
School Heath Service supports the mission of Orange-Ulster BOCES by providing high quality nursing services and health instruction for our students and school community. By promoting an optimal level of wellness and health for our students, we are providing them with essential tools needed to become effective future health care consumers in our community.
The health services staff of Orange-Ulster BOCES works to assure there is current, mandated health information available on all of our students, providing a seamless process in their educational planning. Cumulative records are maintained to provide information about our students' health progression through their educational process. School Nurses and School Nurse Teachers assist faculty and staff by providing health related information, healthcare reports, and classroom instruction. The nurses are active liaisons and advocates for our students' healthcare needs. They assist parents/guardians through information sharing, referral, and consultation with community-based providers.