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Supplemental Services

Summer School
The Orange-Ulster BOCES Special Education Center operates a summer school for students whose needs include a continuation of instructional and related services throughout the summer months. BOCES provides this program to sustain developmental levels that students have achieved during the school year to attain.

The RESTART Program, a short-term school-based intensive day treatment program operated by Orange-Ulster BOCES and Catholic Charities, is designed to assist students ages 12 to 21 during a time of substance abuse crisis. The program, administered at the BOCES Regional Education Center at Arden Hil, provides a structured daily schedule that includes education and substance abuse treatment. Students receive individual as well as family support. For those returning from in-patient substance abuse treatment, the program helps bridge the gap between rehab and school. Referrals are accepted from schools, crisis centers, out-patient services, managed care and social services. Approval from the parent or guardian and the school must be granted for an evaluation. RESTART BROCHURE

Intensive Day Treatment
The Orange-Ulster BOCES operates a cooperative program with the Rockland Children's Psychiatric Center (RCPC) to provide short-term, intensive, educational, clinical and family support services for students ages 5 to 20 years who are experiencing severe emotional crisis. Educational services are provided by a BOCES teacher and para. Clinical personnel, including a psychiatrist and social workers, are provided by RCPC.

Providing needed services for disabled students in the Orange-Ulster Supervisory Districts is a challenge that the staff at the Special Education Center meets enthusiastically with the cooperation of local districts, parents and BOCES personnel.

SPARC (Supplemental Program for At-Risk Children) 
Purpose: Provide students with a supportive environment, behavior management and educational tutoring to reduce at-risk behaviors and meet the home school's academic expectations. Classroom programming also provides the students daily group counseling to discuss their feeling and behaviors to encourage making personal changes related to their return to the home district.

SPARC is designed to offer a supplemental emotional and academic support system to nonclassified students ages 5-15. These students will have displayed behaviors that interfere with the learning environment and their ability to benefit from it. SPARC is appropriate for children and adolescents who exhibit some of the following characteristics: attention-seeking behavior, limited problem solving skills, poor impulse control, minimal social skills, defiance towards authority, lack of self control, problems with peer and/or family relationships, and a potential for verbal and physical aggression.

The program is short-term and transitional, yet comprehensive, linking the family, the home school district and community based services. A staff of highly-trained professionals works intensely with a group of 6-8 students.

After a period of 30 days, progress reports will be issued and recommendations will be made regarding plans to transition students out of the SPARC program. If the student is ready to begin this process, a transition plan will be developed by the SPARC Team. Thereafter, progress reports will be issued in 30 days.

SPARC accepts referrals from various school districts. The parent or guardian must approve the referral and participate in the intake process. Once a referral is received, an intake will be scheduled by the SPARC social worker. The child, parent and home school liason will attend the intake meeting.

Each student will leave the SPARC program with recommendations for families and school staff that will aid in maintaining a student's success in their future.

For more information regarding SPARC, contact the Liberty Elementary Program at 845-291-0200, ext 10230 or the John A. Flannery Middle School Office at 845-291-0200, ext 10250.