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Including Communities Program

Jodie Maassen - Principal
129 West Main Street, Suite 2
Goshen, NY  10924
845-291-0200 extension 5

Including Communities classroom

Including Communities is a transitional program based within the Village of Goshen serving students aged 18-21 years old.  The program targets students' individual strengths and interests to find a viable counterpart in the community setting as a volunteer internship. In addition to the community component, students also work in a non-traditional classroom in the heart of the village. Students work on independent living skills, money management, employability skills, travel training and self-advocacy skills.  These skill sets are taught and practiced in the community-based classroom, then generalized and applied in the community setting. 

The goal of the program is to work with students within a community setting to help facilitate the transition from school to adulthood. Each student will leave the program with a variety of internship references, volunteer  involvement, a complete resume and a genuine experience of being a valued member of the workforce and the community.  

When working in the community settings, students are always accompanied by a staff member. Since they come to the program with a variety of work experiences, including retail, food service and hospitality, students are matched to the businesses based on their skills and preferences.  However, students are trained on job-specific tasks at each job site. 

Intern Experiences include:  Including Communities facade

  • Retail
  • Food Services
  • Hospitality
  • Office Work
  • Grounds keeping
  • Volunteer Opportunities

Slide Shows

A Day in the Life - Including Communities
The goal of the Including Communities program is to work with students within a community setting to smooth the transition from school to adulthood.