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Including Communities Students Learn About Floral Design

sarah and tyrel
Sarah Hambrick and Tyrel

The students who attend the Including Communities program in the Village of Goshen were recently visited by Sarah Hambrick of Chester Greenery who came to teach them about her profession as a florist. Sarah began her visit by distributing flowers to each student so they could create their own Mother's Day floral arrangement. The students learned that floral design is an art. They also discussed customer service and making sure that the needs of the customer and their satisfaction come first. Sarah explained to the students that organization is key when you are a florist, especially during the busy holidays. Students then had an opportunity to ask questions and get creative!

A special thank you to Sarah from Chester Greenery for coming to speak with the students about her career and providing all of them with beautiful flowers to learn about floral design. The students had a wonderful time and took their creations home at the end of the day to present the bouquets to their loved ones for Mother's Day.

Group photo: (front row left to right): Bethany, Stephen, Lori, Michelle and Rebecca. (back row left to right): Tyrel, Christian, Sarah Hambrick, Nicholas, Tyler and Jarrett.  

flower arranging

Tyrel and Rebecca with Sarah (background)

All ready for Mother's Day!

All ready for Mother's Day!