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The Dignity Act states that NO student shall be subjected to harassment or discrimination by employees or students on school property or at a school function based on their actual or perceived race, color, weight, national origin, ethnic group, religion, religious practice, disability, sexual orientation, gender, or sex. If this is happening to you or someone you know, please report it to administration, guidance, nurse or an adult.

Division-Wide DASA Coordinator: 

Kerri Stroka 
Phone: (845) 291-0100 ext. 10121

Career and Technical Education DASA Coordinator:

Kathleen Smith
Phone: (845) 291-0300, ext. 10310

Career and Technical Education DASA Coordinators:

Amy Bull Crist Area Educational Center:

Greg D’Ambrosio              
Phone:  (845) 291-0300, ext. 10312
Email: greg.d'

Jaclyn De Lao                       
Phone:  (845) 291-0300, ext. 10317

Sean Donlon                         
Phone:  (845) 291-0300, ext. 70147

Mary Hennessy                                  
Phone:  (845) 291-0300, ext. 10330

Eugene Hewitt                       
Phone:  (845) 291-0300, ext. 10315


Regional Educational Center at Arden Hill:

Neal Wilkinson                      
Phone:  (845) 291-0300, ext. 10633

Special Education DASA Coordinators:

Goshen Main Street and Warwick Satellites:

Kelley O'Neill
845-291-0200, ext 10661 | 845-988-0330
Email: kelley.o'

Liberty Elementary Program and IDT -
Amy Bull Crist Area Educational Center: 

Meghan Gildea (845) 291-0200, ext. 10230

STRIVE – Amy Bull Crist Area Education Center, Including Communities and Minisink Valley Satellites:

Jodie Maassen (845) 291-0200, ext. 10290 | (845) 355-5871
| (845) 355-5815

Raymond C. Cramer Program - 
Amy Bull Crist Area Educational Center: 

Susan DeGeorge (845) 291-0200, ext. 10280

Marguerite A. Flood Middle and High Schools, Intensive Day Treatment Program,  RESTART, Newcomer Program, Academy at Arden Hill Middle and High Schools, Chester Academy Satellite: 

Jennifer Lepore (845) 291-0200, ext. 10605

Middlehope Elementary Satellite and SPARC: 

Meghan Gildea
845-291-0200, ext 10950 

Minisink Valley Satellites: 

Pilar Rocha, (845) 355-5871 | (845) 355-5815

John A. Flannery Middle & High School Programs, SPARC, GED Program - Amy Bull Crist Area Educational Center:

Barbara Gasperetti  (845) 291-0200, ext. 10260