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Orange County Interagency Collaboration Team

Mission Statement

The Orange County Interagency Collaboration Team is a forum for family representatives, program leaders, and policy level administrators from local schools, courts, and government to work together, maintain communication and linkages, and promote a creative, effective and efficient community services system which supports children and their families. Click on the links below to access the meeting minutes. 

Goals and Objectives

Juvenile Justice

  • Develop an effective response for Runaway/PINS kids and families.
  • Continue monitoring Orange County PINS activities and delinquency related issues.

Educational Success

  • Promote and support continuation of PBIS implementation.
  • Maintain focus on at-risk students; monitor school and community services.
  • Develop the idea that we should be focusing on educational success rather than attendance.
  • Explore ways to improve/support kids' and parents' "connectedness" to schools.


  • Support OCDSS' monitoring/development of preventative programs in the community including updated information on homelessness and other issues.
  • Maintain connection to Healthy Orange - support programs and activities.
  • Develop a focus on, and support public health/mental health issues.

Communications and Partnerships

  • Assess and support communication and coordination between schools and community agencies.
  • Identify and promote "best practices" in area of communication (schools & community).
  • Assess and improve where possible the efficiency of the flow of information about needs/services.

Family and Youth Focus

  • Ensure family and youth representation in community planning as well as their individual service planning.
  • Ensure family and youth community connectedness.
  • Increase/assess availability and information regarding services in the community.

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Economic Security


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