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Strategic Plan

Our Mission

The mission of the Orange-Ulster BOCES is to serve our component districts and community in the development of continuous learners who will be successful in meeting the challenges of living in our society today and in the future. We will accomplish this mission in a cost-effective manner with a dedicated, skilled, caring staff providing quality educational services in a safe, nurturing and accessible environment.


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Regional Leadership

Facilitate innovative solutions in school leadership, management and curriculum to support collaborative success for our service region across New York State.

Action Steps

  • Support communication and collaborative networking towards innovative solutions with districts’ leadership. 
  • Collaborate with districts to provide efficiencies and quality service to the region.
  • Provide leadership and dissemination of information/expectations from all state and local agencies.

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Empower all students with the knowledge and skills necessary to live healthy, rewarding lives as confident, successful individuals.

Action Steps

  • Provide innovative instruction to diverse learners.
  • Support students’ social emotional development.
  • Individualize learning to meet the needs of each student.
  • Provide students with input regarding their educational and career pathways.
  • Incorporate culturally appropriate and responsive practices.

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Broaden meaningful, active engagement among students, parents, and school and community/ business partners to enhance diverse learning opportunities for all students.

Action Steps

  • Educate and engage parents/guardians and community members in the significant role Orange-Ulster BOCES plays in education and community development.
  • Immerse students in learning through community partnerships and career-focused opportunities.

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Expect staff to be dedicated, skilled and caring, while providing outstanding educational and/or management services.

Action Steps

  • Reinforce and support a staff culture of high expectations and engagement for all.
  • Ensure an environment in which we expect and rely on staff to make quality decisions.
  • Encourage continuous improvement and professional growth.

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Maintain fiscal stability, maximize efficiency of the Orange-Ulster BOCES operations and align resources to support regional leadership, student achievement/development, community engagement and employee excellence.

Action Steps

  • Enhance security measures to maintain a safe learning and working environment.
  • Align financial resources to support student and program success while ensuring fiscal stability.
  • Provide support and implementation of innovative technology for internal and external users.
  • Prioritize renovation and construction projects to provide state-of-the-art learning environments.



Career & Technical Education Division

Maintain or increase program completion rate

  • Current: 97% completed a CTE program in 2018
  • 2019-2023 Goal: Completion Rate of 95% or higher

Special Education Division

Maintain or increase number of students who achieve an exit credential

  • Current: Options for exiting credentials have expanded for special education students
  • 2023 Goal: All students will graduate/exit program with one of the State’s approved exiting credentials 


Special Education Division

Increase number of transition and work-based opportunities for secondary students

  • Current: 25 off-campus and 4 on-campus work-based learning sites
  • 2023 Goal: Increase to 35 off-campus and 5 on-campus work sites

Career & Technical Education Division

Increase performance on Industry Standard Assessments

  • Current: 75% Proficiency
  • 2023 Goal: 80% Proficiency

Adult Education Division

Increase number of students entering the workforce from literacy programs

  • Current: Create a baseline data set
  • 2023 Goal: Baseline data will improve

Increase number of students completing vocational training programs and entering the workforce

  • Current: 40% of Program Completers
  • 2023 Goal: 55% of Program Completers


Instructional Support Division

Increase the number of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Cultural Responsiveness (CR) professional development offerings

  •  Current: During 2018-19 we offered 20 SEL/CR professional development courses
  •  2023 Goal: Increase offerings by 50%

Operations Division

Increase County-wide professional development for food service, transportation, and health/safety staff

  • Current: During 2018-19 we offered 83 courses
  • 2023 Goal: Increase offerings by 20%

What is a BOCES?

BOCES is an acronym for Board of Cooperative Educational Services, a regional public education service organization. Established in 1948 by the state legislature, BOCES provides high-quality, cost-effective educational services to school districts in New York State. BOCES also provides special education, career and technical education, adult education, professional development, instructional services, educational technology support, library services and a number of management services for component school districts. There are 37 BOCES statewide. Orange-Ulster BOCES first provided services to component districts in 1957.


BOCES Leadership


Cooperative Board Members