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District Superintendent Cooperative Services

the District Superintendent acts in three capacities:

  • As a consultant to individual districts;
  • As a liaison between component districts and the State Education Department; and
  • Upon request, will serve as a consultant for component districts in the search process for a new superintendent of schools.

The following are some of the responsibilities of all 37 District Superintendents in the State of New York:

  • Facilitate communication and cooperation between districts, the State Education Department, and other public and private agencies.
  • Interpret and clarify Education Law, Commissioner’s Regulations, and other policies affecting education in this region; and serve as the regional contact point for State initiatives, such as the new Standards, Capacity, and Assessment initiatives.
  • Assist in developing educational policy while working closely with area legislators on behalf of public education.
  • Report to the Commissioner and work closely with the Senior Deputy Commissioner.
  • Conduct Registration reviews in New York City and within the BOCES supervisory area, as well as for those schools identified as requiring improvement.
  • Assist with reorganization studies in participating districts and coordinate related efficiency grants.
  • Investigate, hear, and decide upon boundary line disputes between districts. Provide advice and counsel to local Boards of Education and in-service education for local superintendents.
  • Take cases on appeal and report testimony to the Commissioner, as directed.
  • Provide assistance to non-public schools.
  • Act on behalf of other District Superintendents.
  • Approve BOCES service contracts and cross contracts.

If your district wishes to avail itself of any of these services, please contact Tom Bongiovi, District Superintendent, at (845) 291-0145 or email Tom Bongiovi.